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Tips to Help You Get Settled Faster in Your New Home
After spending months preparing to move into your new home, you are excited that the day is almost here. You are looking forward to getting settled into your new home and getting boxes unpacked and everything put away. Just like planning and preparing for your move, you should have a plan in place so you can get settled quickly and not still be unpacking several months later.

Tip #1 – Do Not Pack Cleaning Supplies with Your Belongings

Most people will want to clean their new home before they start unpacking. Avoid packing cleaning supplies and mixing them in with your other belongings. Rather, set cleaning supplies, rags, mops, dust pans, brooms, and so on, aside and pack these last so they are easy to find and will be the first boxes off of the moving truck.

A better option is if you can access your new home, the day before your move in date, in order to clean. This way, all of the rooms will have been thoroughly cleaned, mopped, swept, and dusted and you will not have to spend time doing these chores on the day of your move-in.

Tip #2 – Consider Using Professional Unpacking Services

Regardless of whether you are moving everything yourself using your own rented truck and friends and family members or hiring a professional Toronto moving company, you can take advantage of professional unpacking services. With this Toronto moving service, professional movers arrive at your new home and will provide assistance in unloading the truck and unpacking your belongings, while putting them away where you want them.

Rather than taking weeks or even months to get unpacked, everything can be unpacked and put away in a day or possibly two. This allows you to get settled into your new home much faster and get back to your normal routines.

Tip #3 – Work on One Room at a Time

It can be difficult deciding what to unpack first. It is easy to get distracted and start unpacking essential items in one room, and then move onto another before the first room is even done. The best place to start is in the bathrooms, followed by the kitchen and bedrooms. If you have other priorities, make a list of the order you want to unpack and stick to the list. Do not move to another room or area of the home until the current one is completed to your satisfaction.

Tip # 4 – Set Items Aside You Are Not Sure What to Do With

If you did not allow time to do some “spring cleaning,” before you moved, do not try to do it as you unpack. Rather, set anything aside you are not sure whether you want to keep or where to place it in your new home. Since you have plenty of moving boxes, you can store them and stack them out of the way. After you have completed unpacking the rest of your house, then revisit these items.

For more tips to help get you settled into your new home faster, or to get a free quote for professional packing, unpacking, and moving services in Toronto and the GTA, please feel free to contact Accurate Movers today by calling 416-907-8545.

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