How to Get Organized for an Upcoming Move

How to Get Organized for an Upcoming Move

Many people make the mistake of approaching a move as one major project. Getting ready for an upcoming move is much easier when you take the time to organize the processes and break them down into smaller tasks. By working on the smaller tasks, it allows you to better manage your move and be ready when your moving company in Toronto shows up on moving day. Moving tasks can be broken down into several key areas, as follows:

1. Administrative Tasks: These tasks involve arranging the shut off for utilities at your current address and scheduling turn on service at your new home. Notifying the post office and submitting a mail forwarding order, as well as obtaining quotes and scheduling your move with moving companies in Toronto is also part of administrative tasks.

2. Moving Supplies: You cannot move without the right moving supplies, such as boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and permanent markers. It is a good idea to get a variety of box sizes from small to extra-large ones. Most professional moving companies in Toronto sell moving supplies and will even allow you to return any unused boxes for a refund.

3. Household Inventory: Before you start packing, you will want to do a complete inventory of your entire home. Take the time to make sure all of your belongings are in the right rooms. Once you start taking inventory, do not take items out of the rooms or move them around. While you are doing your inventory, go through your items and set anything you no longer want aside. It makes no sense to move something if you are never going to use it again. You do not have to count every single piece of clothing or dish when doing the inventory. The main purpose is to help get your home ready for packing and have a general record of your belongings.

4. Packing: Once you have your inventory complete, start packing up anything you are not going to need until after you move. Make sure to label all of your boxes with a summary of the contents and the room you want the movers to unload the boxes in at your new home. Stack packed boxes in one corner in the same room. You can also number the boxes for each room and then write the total number on your inventory list to ensure everything arrives at the new residence.

5. Cleaning: You can do some cleaning before your move and finish up any last minute cleaning while the movers are loading the truck on your moving day. Otherwise, you will have to return and finish cleaning later. In addition, after arriving at your new home, take the time to clean each room before you start unpacking.

By organizing your move into smaller tasks, you will find it easier to get everything done ahead of time and not still be packing when your residential moving company in Toronto arrives on moving day. To obtain packing supplies and a free moving quote, contact Accurate Movers at 416-907-8545 today.

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