Why You Should Create a Residential Moving Timeline

Why You Should Create a Residential Moving Timeline

A moving timeline is a beneficial tool to help keep in the preparation and planning of your upcoming move. It also helps you from feeling overwhelmed by the volume of tasks that need to get done, such as hiring a residential moving company in Toronto, forwarding your mail, packing, and so on.

To help you get started creating your own residential moving timeline, our professional movers are pleased to provide the following suggestions.

8 Weeks before Your Move

  • Get quotes and hire a residential moving. If you wait, you may not get your desired date or time, or your first-choice of mover.
  • Get packing materials and supplies and start packing. Your mover can supply everything you need to pack up your home.Why You Should Create a Residential Moving Timeline

6 Weeks before Your Move

  • Continue working on packing. If you have put it off the past few weeks, this is when you absolutely need to start.
  • Start your moving inventory checklist. As you are packing, label the outside of the boxes with a summary of their contents, number the boxes, and the room where you want them placed as they are unloaded from the moving truck.

4 Weeks before Your Move

  • Call your realtor and confirm your closing date and time.
  • Call your energy/hydro/utility providers and schedule transfer/shut off/turn on dates at your current and new homes.
  • If you are moving long-distance, get copies of medical records, school transcripts, vet records, and other such documents you are going to need.
  • Rent a storage unit if you are downsizing for any items you want to keep but will not fit into your new home.
  • Continue Packing.

2 Weeks before Your Move

  • If you rented a storage unit because you are downsizing, have your movers pick up and transport those items at this time so they are out of the way come moving day.
  • If you live in a high-rise apartment or condo, confirm with the building supervisor where your mover can park the moving truck, and if you need to reserve and elevator for your upcoming move.
  • Continue packing.

1 Week before Your Move

  • Verify all bills and debts are paid or schedule for the next two weeks. Otherwise with the move, you might forget and get charged late fees.
  • Submit a change of address for with the post office.
  • Notify your bank, credit cards, etc., of your new address.
  • All packing should now be done except items you are still using.

2 Days before Your Move

  • Call and confirm your move with the moving company.
  • If you have access to your new home, go clean it before moving in.

1 Day before Your Move

  • Pack up anything you are not going to need that evening or the next morning.
  • Complete your moving inventory checklist.
  • Make sure to go to bed early and get a good night’s rest.

Moving Day

  • Get up early to have time to get some coffee and finish packing up the few items you have left.
  • Pack essentials, like medications and food in your own vehicle while remembering to leave plenty of room for children and pets.
  • Take a moment to relax while the moving truck is loaded and unloaded.

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