Getting Divorced? Accurate Movers Is Here to Help

Getting Divorced? Accurate Movers Is Here to Help

Going through a separation and divorce can be a rather stressful period of time. At some point, there will be a division of marital property and a settlement agreement reached. When this occurs, there is often various household and personal items one party still has in the martial home that needs to be moved. In some cases, if there are no minor children involved, the divorced couple may be required to sell the home and both parties move into new homes.

For these situations, it is beneficial to have an experienced professional moving company in Toronto help, like Accurate Movers. There is a wide array of services we can offer to ensure the property is correctly moved and received in the same condition as it was when it left the marital home. In addition, for contentious divorce situations, where the parties are not on speaking terms, having an outside and unbiased mover on hand, will help alleviate tensions and make the process easier for everyone involved.

Preparing Property for Moving
To help save time once a settlement agreement is reached, it is recommended to schedule an in-home consultation with one of our moving coordinators. During this meeting, you will want to show the coordinator any property and belongings that will be potentially going to your former spouse. By providing these details, it helps us determine what size truck, packing materials, and other such aspects that are going to be essential once the items have to be moved.

You could start relocating smaller items and property to a central location in the home to help save time packing and preparing property later. For larger pieces of furniture and heavier objects, it is best to leave these in their current location until the scheduled moving day. It also does not hurt to start an itemized inventory list of any belongings and property your ex-spouse will be receiving.

The inventory list guarantees every item the other party is supposed to receive is loaded onto the moving truck. You should make copies of the finalized list keeping one for yourself and giving two to the movers. The movers can keep one for their records and the other can be provided to your ex-spouse in order to verify they received everything as agreed upon. Furthermore, you might want to take pictures of everything to have a record of its condition, just in case there are disputes later on.

Here at Accurate Movers, we understand there are times when moving can seem complicated, stressful, and have time constraints. We will work with you and provide outstanding customer service at an affordable price while helping you during a division of property settlement. No move is too complex or complicated for us to handle. We can even take care of packing on your behalf or provide you with the appropriate packing supplies. Contact us today at 416-907-8545 to schedule an appointment with one of our moving coordinators.

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