Packing Services


Packing for Your Toronto Move

Packing is a major component to every successful move. You have to obtain the right size boxes, padding, and other supplies. While you are packing, it is high recommended you complete an inventory list of your items, as well as label each and every box. An inventory list allows you to quickly check off boxes as they are loaded and unloaded onto the moving truck and verify nothing has been overlooked or is missing. Labeling the boxes helps the movers because it lets them know which room you want the boxes placed in, once they are unloaded into your new home.

You should start packing for your upcoming move as soon as you know you are moving. Initially, you can pack up anything you are not going to need or use over the next several weeks or months. As you are packing, make sure to keep your items organized and stack boxes in the same room where you packed them. Fragile and delicate items need to be wrapped with the right type of padding. In addition, you need to select the right size box and avoid overloading it, like using a small or medium box to pack books since a large box quickly becomes too heavy and the bottom could fall out when it is picked up.

If all of these packing steps sound too stressful or something you do not want to do on your own, Accurate Movers can help. We offer a variety of professional packing services to help you make your move relaxing and stress free.

Single Room Packing: If there are specific rooms in the home you dread packing for your move, like your kitchen or bathrooms, let us do it for you. Our experienced movers know how to correctly pack up breakables to keep them safe throughout the move.

Entire Home Packing: Accurate Movers can take care of packing up your entire home. With this option, we supply all boxes, packing materials, padding, and supplies, so you do not have to worry about obtaining these items.
Wardrobe Packing: We quickly pack up hanging items into our special wardrobe boxes and hang them back up in your new home.

Single Item Packing: If you have large antiques, paintings, or other delicate single items, our professional movers will pack these items up carefully and correctly using the right sized boxes and padding materials.

Loading and Unloading Services: For those people, who rented their own moving truck, our professional movers are available to load and/or unload your belongings and help you avoid putting the strain and stress on your back and muscles.

Unpacking Services: All of our packing options are also available as professional unpacking services, regardless of whether you or our movers packed your items. Sit back and relax while our movers put away your items exactly where you want them in your new home.

All of these optional services can make your move easier and hassle free. To learn more about our professional packing options or to obtain a quote, contact Accurate Movers today at 416-907-8545.