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Not All Toronto Resident Moving Companies Are the Same

Most people have moved at least once in their lifetime. You would be surprised by some of the horror stories Accurate Movers in Toronto has heard over the years from our customers, who used a cheap moving company in the past. The cheapest Toronto residential moving companies are not always the best. You could end up with broken and damaged furniture, hidden costs and fees, and other headaches and hassles you were not prepared for when you originally decided to use the lowest priced residential moving company in Toronto.

Why Low Price Should Never Be Used to Select Toronto Residential Moving Companies

Let’s face it: we have all seen ads in newspapers and online in local listings for residential moving services & Office Moving Toronto. For instance, you might see an ad placed by a group of college students looking to make some extra money. You may even be slightly moved by their desire to work and earn money while attending university. However, the problem with directly hiring college students is they are not licensed or insured. If any of your property is damaged or worse, destroyed or lost, you are left footing the bill to repair and replace these items.

Remember to be careful if you browse advertisements, as many unlicensed and uninsured movers tend to put “professional residential moving services” in their ads. Always ask for proof of insurance and licensing to ensure you are working with an actual professional residential moving company. Here at Accurate Movers, we are happy to show clients proof of this without any hesitations or refusals.

Paying $20 or $30 more for your move could be the big difference between having a horrifying moving experience and one that puts a smile on your face. Moving to your new home should not give you a headache or make your feel tense and uncomfortable. No one ever regrets paying a residential moving company in Toronto a little more to know their property is going to be treated with care of Long Distance and respect and arrive at their new home intact and undamaged.

Accurate Movers Residential Moving Services

With over 20 years’ experience, Accurate Movers can turn your major moving project into a carefree and stress-free day that is both fun and exciting. Our professional residential moving company offers customizable moving packages to fit with your exact needs and budget. Whether you select a full service moving package or one of our basic packages, all of our moves include:

    • All Necessary Tools and Equipment: Blankets, padding, furniture dollies, furniture wrapping, and other useful items are always brought on every move.
    • Belongings Neatly and Carefully Loaded: Our experienced movers carefully load the truck to keep your property safe and secure while in transit to your new home.
    • Disassemble and Reassemble Large Furniture Pieces: Your team of professional movers will take apart and put back together any large furniture pieces, if needed.
    • Special Handling of Delicate and Fragile Items: Any fragile or delicate property is carefully wrapped with special blankets and additional padding before being placed in a secure location within the truck.
    • Free Extra Boxes: If there is a need for last minute packing or you simply ran out of boxes, we always carry a supply of extra boxes for you to use for free.
    • No Hidden Fees or Extra Charges: Accurate Movers guarantees you only pay what is on your moving quote, never a penny more.

In addition, if we forget something, we have it brought to your home immediately for free so your move is not delayed. Even if you have a last minute move, our professional moving company and movers will help you every step of the way for no additional charges. To obtain your free moving quote or for further information, call us today at 416-907-8545.