Tips to Make Moves Less Stressful for Pets

Tips to Make Moves Less Stressful for Pets

When people think about moving, they often forget the impact the move can have on their furry family members. Both cats and dogs can sense changes to normal routines and will notice if things seem different or there are noticeable changes. This can cause them to feel anxious and stressed. They will want to be the center of attention and cling to you all of the time.

Even with your cat or dog attached to your side, you still need to prepare for your upcoming move. Helping them adjust to the forthcoming changes will help them relax some and start to be accustomed to the changes.

Pick a room to use as a pet sanctuary

Keep one room set up with your pet’s favorite bed, toys, and other items to make them feel relaxed. You will want to pack this room last because you can keep them confined in it on moving day. This way, while the rest of the home is loaded onto the moving truck, you do not have to worry about them getting out and taking off.

Tips to Make Moves Less Stressful for Pets

Make moving materials seem normal

Set out moving boxes and other moving materials in different rooms in the home. This will help your pet think that the materials are just new additions to the room.

Set out the pet crate/carrier prior to the move

Cat owners will especially want to do this since some cats will hate being confined. However, if you leave the door open, so they can go in and out freely, it allows them to become more familiar with the carrier. On moving day, when it is time to put them in the carrier, they may even get in it willingly.

Make sure to get a collar with tags for your pets

The tags should have a contact phone number and the pet’s name. If space allows, you may also want to include your vet’s name. This way if they should happen to get out and take off, whoever they approach will know how to return them to their owner.

Transport your pets in your own vehicle, never in a moving truck

Even if your pet hates being confined in a crate in the car and lets you know this all the way to your new home, they do feel more at ease when you are with them.

Set up a quiet space in the new home

Since you will probably arrive before your movers, do not let your pets out of their crates or carriers. They will want to explore their new home and possibly try to run out the front door. Instead, pick a room where you can put out fresh water, food, litter boxes, bedding, toys, etc. Once the room is set up, you can keep them confined in the room until the moving truck is unloaded.

For long-distance moves, remember to pack pet essentials and take those with you for overnight stays until you reach your new home. For more pet-friendly moving tips or to request a complimentary moving quote from our Toronto moving company, please feel free to contact Accurate Movers at 416-907-8545 today!

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