Tips to Prepare for the Relocation of Your Toronto Small Business

Tips to Prepare for the Relocation of Your Toronto Small Business

As your business grows and expands, eventually you are going to need to relocate the business to a larger commercial building. Whether you run an office or a retail store, expansion is an essential part of a successful business. Preparing to relocate your business can be challenging. Your business still needs to make money during the relocation process and needs to be up and running. Since parts of your business will not be in operation during the move, it is important to make sure the entire relocation process is handled efficiently in order to minimize down time.

Step 1: Develop a Relocation Timeline

Ideally, you should start this step once plans to relocate to a larger building or facility is come into play. The timeline should incorporate everything you need to do to relocate your business. Some people develop a timeline much like they would develop a project timeline with various milestones and target deadlines. Make sure your employees are made aware of the upcoming relocation. Contact vendors, insurance companies, and so forth, to ensure you have all policies, permits, licenses and other business documents ready to be updated once you start the actual move.

Step 2: Contact a Professional Toronto Moving Company

A professional moving company in Toronto is able to lend their expertise and assistance in planning your relocation. They can help determine the best way to schedule the move so it has the least impact on your business operations, such as a weekend move, after hours move, or moving your business in smaller segments. In addition, they are your go-to resource for obtaining packing materials and supplies, or providing expert packing and unpacking services, should you opt for a full-service office move.

Step 3: Create a Floor Plan for Your New Location

You will want to create a floor plan a few months before the move. The floor plan not only helps you decide the layout of the new location, but is also beneficial for your movers, as it lets them know exactly where to place boxes, office furniture, and other items as they unload them off of the moving truck.

Step 4: Contact Office Equipment Lease Companies

If you are leasing any office equipment, contact these vendors a few months before the relocation. Sometimes leases include relocation services and the leasing company will take care of moving leased equipment to the new location or your lease could require you to have the leasing company come out and reconnect the equipment after it has been moved.

Step 5: Contact Utility Companies and the Post Office

Do not forget to notify your utility companies and the post office of your upcoming move. In some cases, you may be responsible for taking care of scheduling shut off and connection dates at your current and new locations.

Step 6: Update Business Cards, Letterhead, and Website

About two to four weeks before the move, order new business cards and letterhead with your new address and phone number. You will also want to update your website to let your clients know you are moving and post any relevant updates, like temporary changes to business hours on the site.

Step 7: Enjoy a Stress-free Move

By taking the time to carefully plan and prepare for your business relocation with help from your Toronto movers, come moving day, you can sit back, relax, and look forward to moving into your new building. To schedule an office and commercial move consultation appointment for assistance in preparing to relocate your business, please contact Accurate Movers today at 416-907-8545.

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