Using a Toronto Professional Moving Company versus DIY Moves

Using a Toronto Professional Moving Company versus DIY Moves

When you are preparing for an upcoming move, you might be tempted to try to save some money by looking into DIY options. It is important to carefully understand the differences between using a professional moving service in Toronto and do-it-yourself solutions.

Here at Accurate Movers, we respect whatever decision you arrive at, but feel it is worth providing the following information in order to help you make an informed decision based upon your moving needs and budget.

Moving Supplies

  • With DIY moves, you have to find somewhere to purchase boxes, bubble wrap, padding, and other such items.
  • With a professional mover, these items are easily accessible and often any excess materials not opened or used can be returned.

Moving Truck

  • A DIY move requires renting your own moving truck. Not only do you have to pay a daily rental fee, but also a per mile fuel surcharge. Plus, you have to return the truck with the same amount of fuel it had when you picked up. You could even be required to pay insurance coverage on the truck. In addition, any special equipment, like furniture dollies and furniture pads, are not included and require an additional rental fee.
  • A professional moving company includes the costs of the moving truck with their moving estimate, along with the mileage and fuels costs and vehicle insurance, as well as all equipment.

Moving Helpers

  • Some people enlist the help of friends or relatives for a DIY move. Another practice they sometimes consider is hiring college students or people they find on local advertising sites that say they offer moving assistance. However, it needs to be mentioned, whether you use friends, family, college students or other people offering “moving assistance,” there is very little recourse available in the event of an accident, dropped boxes, or other property damage since they are not licensed movers nor carry liability insurance.
  • Our professional movers, on the other hand, carry liability insurance and are licensed to give you peace of mind. We even offer several different optional property insurance coverages you can choose to add to your moving package.


  • You are responsible for all the packing and unpacking of your belongings with a DIY move.
  • Our professional moving company in Toronto offers packing and unpacking services, where our experienced movers can take care of all of your packing and unpacking.


  • The loading and unloading of the moving truck during a DIY move is your responsibility and includes lifting and carrying all of your heavier furniture pieces.
  • With a professional moving company, your moving team does all the back-breaking labour, while you verify everything is packed and loaded onto the truck. At your new home, you are free to direct your movers where you want boxes and furniture pieces placed.

Many people discover the actual “costs” of a DIY move are often comparable to hiring a professional moving company. In the event you started a DIY move and changed your mind, do not hesitate to contact us for help and assistance.

Accurate Movers would be happy to help in any way we can to make your move as effortless and easy as possible. Contact us at 416-907-8545 now to speak with one of our moving coordinators and request a free moving quote.

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