Making Your New Home Your Own

Making Your New Home Your Own

Moving into you first new home, with help from a professional moving company in Toronto, is an exciting process. However, one common concern new homeowners have is how they can put their own personal touches into the home while they are moving in, to make it feel more cozy, comfortable, and familiar. Spending your first several nights in a home that was decorated by someone else can be a bit difficult for some people, like that floral patterned wallpaper in every room of the home.

As you are getting ready to move in, consider the following tips and suggestions to add your tastes, colours, and designs into your new home. If you have flexibility with your move out date at your old place and can put off moving after taking possession of your new home, you will have more time to add your own personalization to it before your scheduled moving day. In a perfect world, everyone would have this added time, but that is not always possible, so it does not hurt to have a backup plan and other strategies in place.

1. Repaint the walls before moving in. If you can get access to the home about a week before your scheduled move in date, repaint the walls in your favorite colour. If not, another option is to set one room aside and leave things unpacked until you have painted the walls. Once you are finished painting, you are ready to unpack and set everything up.

2. Hang up pictures, photographs, and artwork. Hanging up these items will make the new home feel more like your own.

3. Hang up your curtains and/or blinds. Put these items up as soon as you can because they instantly make the room feel more like yours and you will appreciate the privacy once it starts to get dark outside.

4. Light some candles in your favourite scent. As the candles burn, the scent will make the home seem more familiar.

5. Plug in your lamps/hang up light fixtures/ceiling fans. If you have your own lamps, light fixtures, or ceiling fans, get these hung up as soon as possible, as it will make the rooms more personalized.

6. Get rid of unfamiliar scents by cleaning with your own cleaning products. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to cleaning products. As such, the former owners may have used products with smells you dislike or do not care for. These are easily eliminated by cleaning with your own products in your preferred scents.

7. Unpack items that make you happy. If you like reading, unpack your books and get them onto bookshelves. If you drink coffee, set up the coffee maker and unpack a few of your favorite coffee cups. Plus, by unpacking these items first, you will have access to the things you enjoy right away.

8. If you are moving with children, do not leave them out of the process. Let them unpack their toys, games, clothing, and other items and put things away on their own and set up their new bedrooms how they prefer. Not only will keep them busy, so you can focus on other unpacking and settling in tasks, but when it is time for bed, they will be surrounding by familiar items.

Remember, moving into your first new home should be fun. To get friendly and expert moving advice and assistance with your upcoming office move Toronto across town or long distance, do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Accurate Movers today by calling 416-907-8545.

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